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..the most beautiful beach in the world!
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Balabag Beach

White Beach

Boracay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world,  the only Asian beach on

Yahoo Travel top 10 list of most beautiful beaches in the world.  Boracay is located

in the central part of Philippines, north of Panay Island, which is one of the major

islands of the Visayan Region. This island has everything for everyone.  The 4 km

white powder sand beach with crystal clear pristine aqua-colour water is of

course the natural centre of the island with the coconut palms avenue cover all

of the resorts, shops, restaurants, dive shops and bars along the beach. Boracay

offers hide-away places, even on the White Beach or other small beaches with

just a short bike ride or walk. If you like more crowded areas,

you will find it as well.  There are all types of restaurants and bars,

shops and services, for the budget traveller  to the most exclusive.

White Beach, Regency Resort

Boraca Island White Beach, Regency Resort

Boy at Boracay White Beach, Philippines

The Boracay Dragoon Boat team!

Boracay Island Philippines beach sunbath relax dream

Jet Ski at Boracay Island Philippines

Pinoy Hospitality Boracay Island Philippines the waiters at Hey Jude bar, restaurant and resort

Bancha Boat Boracay Island Philippines

Coconutpalms after the storm Boracay Island White beach Philippines

White Sand at Boracay Island Philippines

Crystal clear water at Boracay Island Philippines

Row row my Whithe beach Boracay Island Philippines

what to say..?  beautiful Boracay White Beach Philippines

a resort at the beach... Boracay Island Philippines

Willy’s Rock Boracay island Philippines

What about Living At Boracay?