Boracay Dream Island
..the most beautiful beach in the world!
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Daytrips and Island hopping


From Boracay you can travel to small intimate destinations, where "nobody" has been before.  Small islands with nice beaches where you can stay all day long, the river in the mainland, diving destinations, just alone or with your friends, family or your love.   Turtle Inn has an itinerary for going around to most of these places and arrange a trip on your request.

Buruanga Point

On our trip to Buruanga Point, we started just after breakfast at 10am from White Beach, loaded the boat with cold drinks, lunchfood, fishing equipment, snorkling and a lot of sun protection.  The day was in the rainy season, but still no wind and no clouds, just hot and sunny. After about 45 min boatride, we arrive in the middle of nowhere out here in the ocean.  Huts built in the natural cliffs, walking through manmade stairs in the mountain. There were shades for the sun and stairs down to the sea or points for jumping from or dive into the sea.  Wonderful!

After bathing, snorkling we were served chicken, pork with rice and salad.  All in chatting mood of how amazing this country is. We enjoyed it a lot!

Afterwards we left going to another hut built above the water with bamboo.  We are east of Buruanga in the local Karaoke bar.  And what happens when people enjoy the day, and had a lot of beers?  Of course, sing, sing and more singing.  During our stay, the tide went down, so the boat have left us for Buruanga.  So, from there we have to go by Tricycles to get our boat back to Boracay.  And, what a boat trip during the sunset, no waves, no clouds.  Amazing!

Thank you Troy, for you invitation!!  It was a great tour!