Boracay Dream Island
..the most beautiful beach in the world!
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General information about hotel and restaurants

You will find all types of hotels from top stars to simple Nipa Hut standard here at Boracay.  Food quality at Boracay is very high; very few if any get stomach trouble out here.  However be aware of salads with mayonnaise at the buffets at the beach.  It might have been out there in the heat for some time.   


The hygiene at the comfort rooms have different levels of cleanliness. There are some places where it’s terrible.  Especially places where it’s very crowded, during night time.


It’s normal to give tips to the staff, in the restaurants and bars and to the housekeepers when you leave the hotel room.


Price level on restaurants have variations but it’s not hard to find nice restaurants where two can have dinner and some drinks for just 10-20 USD.


Service Level in general

Please be aware that the Philippines is still a developing country.  So far not everybody can afford to start or fulfill education in hotel and restaurant business.  Boracay is a small island, with few locals.  Many of the workers here are coming from other parts of the Philippines, trying to get a job and make some money, to survive, support their family and/or save for education. 


Filipinos in general are very friendly and hospitable people that smile, always joking and trying to do their best to help and make your holiday as best as possible.  However, it might be a conflict between your expectations and the training and experience level of the staff you meet.   Some of the workers here, might have just arrived, are young, do not have any experience from hotel and restaurant business neither have that much training as well.  


From our experience, resolve misunderstandings or faults with patient and a smile.  Your holiday will be so much better and you will get some nice friends over here.


All trade is done by cash in local currency; Philippine Pesos.  However, it’s easy to exchange from USD, EURO and a lot of other currencies in banks, hotels or in moneychangers at the walkway.

There are nine ATMs at the Island, only someone accepts MasterCard, others VISA.  During the high season, these ATMs have a habit to run out of cash in the weekends.  So, it might be a good idea to secure some cash for the weekend.  


Please be aware that some hotels charge up to 7,5 % surcharge/service charge with use of credit cards for.  This because of the high interest level in the Philippines mostly it is the handling bank of these payments that claim this charge. It is a good idea to take out some cash from the ATM and pay cash for your hotel accommodations.