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Real Coffee and Tea cafë by Lee  Design of

Real Coffee and Tea Cafe

Just before you leave the walkway to get out at the beach at Station 1, you will find Lee's little Real Coffee shop on right hand side.  A bit hard to find, its located some few steps inside in the back of the front shops and its only open till 7pm.  Lee have been here for quite a long time and she knows everybody and meet all of us with her hand and names.  A very friendly place and good coffee.  You can also get different cookies and snacks.

Menu of Real Coffee and Tea Caf\e Boracay Island  Design by

Valhalla Steakhouse Boracay Dream Island Philippines

Bistro Valhalla

Bistro Valhalla has, in a short time, got the status of being the best steakhouse on the island.   The menu has all types of steaks, pasta, chicken and more. Your plate comes with vegetables aesthetically arranged to perfection. You will always find norwegians here, since this place is owned and managed by a

Norwegian/Filipino couple.

Check out the best steaks on the Island!

Valhalla Steakhouse Boracay Dream Island Philippines

Crafty’s Rooftop Bar Borcay Island Philippines

Crafty's Rooftop Bar

On top of Craft's Supermarked and Department store, in the midle of the Island, you find this unique roof bar.  Well, its more than just a bar, because here you find and rich selection of value food, filipino food but also great indian cousine!  Recomanded!

A great location during sunset!  The breeze here on hot day's make the sunset evan greater!!

The coldest beer on the island

Nigi Nigi Too Beach restaurant at Boracay Island station 1

Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort and Restaurant

Native style restaurant and bar, with a lot of opportunities for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You can get as many eggs as you want for breakfast, different snacks for lunch and may be the best seafood basket on the island.  The island's biggest American hamburger is really big. It has a very nice and friendly staff, which always joking and have time for a short chat.

Nigi Nigi Too is a new resort north of Station 1, with a great location at the beach.  Here will you find silence and peace during the sunset.

The rustik beach restaurant at station 1

Nigi Nigi Too dessert with fresh mango juice - Photo by

Cyma Greek reataurant at Boracay Island Photo by

Cyma Restaurant

A Greek restaurant with "all inclusive" plates with a lot of high quality food with budget prices.  Most of the plates are good for two.  Cyma is located in Plaza d*Mall, a bit hard to find, but worth asking for directions.  This restaurant may have the best service on the island.

Summer Place Bar & Restaurant Boracay Island  Photo by

Summer Place Boracay

It is a Mongolian restaurant up to 10pm, where all chairs are taken by Korean group travellers.  After 10pm Summer Place transforms to a "beach disco" and can get quite crowded from after midnight to the morning.  Summer Place arranges "Full Moon" party when the moon is full.  Friendly staff!

Party time at summer place Boracay Island