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Meet Sabrina - The Carabao of the Philippines

One day i was sitting in a coffee shop in Tagaytay City, Ms. Sabrina pas by, and I rushed out

with my camera to get these shots.  Please say hello to Ms. Sabrina of Tagaytay City, the hard working Carabao.

Although there is no law that decrees the carabao to be a national symbol in the Philippines it is generally considered by most Filipinos to be their national animal. Government agencies have come together to improve the marketability of the species. The Philippine Carabao Center had an initial success in reproductive biotechnology in 2004 when the first test-tube hybrid carabao was born on April 5, also the birthday of the President of the Philippines. The breakthrough hybrid was a female and named "Glory" after President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The PCC was Joseph Estrada’s most successful project as an opposition senator, created through Republic Act 3707, the Carabao Act of 1992.[5] Late in 2007, according to Filipino scientists, the Center located in Nueva Ecija initiated a study to breed the super water buffalo that could produce 4 to 18 liters of milk/day (gene-based technology). The majority of the funding came from the Department of Science and Technology. When this marker-assisted selection process is perfected it will allow the poor farmers to conserve their resources by raising only the best producers that are genetically selected soon after birth.

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